Eric Lawrence & Rob Lanni - Co-Founders, Coalition Music

Rob Lanni & Eric Lawrence are the co-founders of Coalition Music—an Artist Management and Independent Record Company—and Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI). With artist development as the linchpin to its endeavors, Coalition Music is a full-service management company that helps artists build globally successful careers. Coalition Music’s current multi-platinum client roster includes Our Lady Peace, Simple Plan, The Tea Party, Scott Helman and others.

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Devi Ekanand - Vice President Marketing, Promotions, and New Media

With over 25 years of experience working within the music industry, Devi has been a member of the Coalition Music family for 20 years. Devi conceives and manages all tour and digital marketing strategy, and spearheads online, new media, and social media initiatives. She develops promotional and sponsorship partnerships on behalf of Coalition Music artists and programs. Her previous experience includes working with internationally renowned companies including Concert Productions International, and The Feldman Agency.


Liam Killeen - Artist Manager Associate

After joining the management team at Coalition Music in early 2009, he currently manages USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker), The Tea Party, and The Proud Sons. He strives to find new and exciting opportunities to build the careers of his artists in the ever-changing industry. In addition to artist management, he is currently a Professor of Talent Management at Toronto’s Ryerson University in their Creative Industries department.


Mariel Gonzalez - Label Services Manager

Joining Coalition Music in early 2017, Mariel oversees all operations on the label side from product management to general service and distribution. She also works closely with the Marketing department while managing the internship program. Mariel is also an accomplished multi-genre freelance cellist with a Bachelor of Music from Humber College.


Dave Holla - Social Media Coordinator

Dave Holla is a recent graduate of Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, earning his Bachelor of Music. While at Humber, Dave was involved in many projects including the student run jazz festival, T.U. Jazz Fest, where he first got involved with social media and marketing. There he learned and built up his skills, promoting the festival through growing its influence and reach as well as featuring the many artists playing at the festival. He soon found his passion doing this line of work and branched out to gain more experience, creating and publishing content for companies like Membran Entertainment Co. while interning at Reborn Media Co. Dave now works as the social media coordinator for Coalition Music, handling multiple artists social media platforms as well as assisting in creating strategies to increase their reach and find new audiences.


Stephanie Martin - Social Media Coordinator

Stephanie is a new addition to the Coalition Music marketing team. With an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Film, and a Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries, she uses her knowledge of, and passion for written and visual storytelling to help artists communicate with audiences through innovative social media content.


Mathew Fruitman - Touring and Logistics Manager  

For the past 5 years Mathew Fruitman has been working as a Tour manager and Technician internationally in over 40 countries. Primarily an artist Tour Manager, he has run the gamut from working small Japanese clubs to running Toronto's Pride main stage to 40,000 capacity festivals in South East Asia and Latin America. Mathew has honed his skills on the Management and Technical side of the business and provides numerous services that allow performers to run successful tours and businesses. 


Cole Lanni - Touring and Operations Coordinator

Cole is a recent graduate of Dalhousie University (Management) and has spent time as an intern at Coalition Music in between study periods.  He has worked in a variety of live music positions having worked as a stage manager, tour manager and merchandise manager.  His current role at Coalition Music is in support of the funding, touring, and accounting departments.


Samantha Everts - Funding Manager

Bringing almost 15 years of music industry experience to Coalition, Samantha began her career by booking punk bands in rural Quebec. Since then she has worn many hats in the industry from event management at City Folk Festival, journalist at Metro News to music educator at various institutes. As a grant writer with her own company, YouRockRed, her clients have included Juno and Polaris-prize winners. Samantha is thrilled to apply her funding expertise to Coalition artists and projects.


Kevin Meikle - Facility Manager

Kevin manages the various services that Coalition Music has to offer onsite, including all Coalition Music (Studios) live performance and rehearsal spaces. With over 30 years of experience within the music industry, Kevin was one of the first employees hired by Coalition Music and has a 27-year tenure working with Coalition Music artists.


Marilyn Ryan - Office Manager

Marilyn has extensive experience in the entertainment business spending most of her career working with Michael Cohl and Bill Ballard at Concert Productions International, TNA, Clearchannel, Live Nation and Orion Capital, working in Live Concert and Theatre divisions.