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David Desrosiers made his return to Simple Plan this month when he performed with the band at Vans Warped Tour's 25th Anniversary event in Cleveland on June 8th! David returned to the band after taking time to address his mental health. We're happy to see David doing well and playing with the band again!

Mental health is extremely important and can be difficult to maintain. Here are a few resources that can help if you're ever in a negative place.


Jeff Stinco of Simple Plan was recently featured on the travel series, Partir autrement en famille. Check out the full episode here!


The Tea Party recently released their new single, 'Way Way Down'! Check out the Robert Johnson inspired song here!


The Proud Sons are back again with their rollicking new single 'Raising Hell'! Listen to it here!


The boys from Incura are back with their latest angsty single, 'Living A Lie'. Check it out here!

Congrats to Incura's lead vocalist, Kyle Gruninger, for landing a lead role in the Queen musical, 'We Will Rock You'!
Find out where the musical will be touring and more here!


Nice Horse announced that they will be joining The Washboard Union for a show in Naut Aran-Val d'Aran-Leida, Spain
at the Salardu Country Rock Festival on August 22nd! They'll also be performing in Nice, France on August 26th.


Johnson Crook announced that they will be performing at Peller Estates Winery's Wine Country Fare on August 17th! For more information click here!


Myles Castello announced that he will be playing a FREE show on July 12th as part of the Friday Night Live series at Garden Square in Brampton, ON! For more info on the event click here


Simple Plan will be joining Blink-182 and Neck Deep for a show in Toronto on July 7th! You can get tickets and more info here!

The band will also be at the Festival de la Poutine in Drummondville, QC on August 23rd! Click here for tickets and other info about the festival.


Our Lady Peace is currently on tour with Bush and Live in the US. The second half of the tour starts up on July 26th. Tickets can be purchased here!

Summersault returns to Canada this September after 19 years! Make sure to grab ticket and VIP packages here!


Justin Nozuka will be at Mariposa Folk Festival on July 6th and 7th in Orillia, ON. For details on the festival, click here!

Next he'll be in London, ON for Home County Music & Art Festival on July 20th! The event runs from
July 19th-21st, you can check out their site for more info!

Justin will also be performing at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Canso, NS on July 27th and 28th. You can find out more about the festival and tickets here!


Nice Horse will be in Red Deer, AB on July 20th playing at the Westerner Days Fair & Exhibition! Click here for details!


Scott will be performing at Celebration of Light in Vancouver, BC on July 31st. Click here get tickets and more information!


USS will be playing at K-Days in Edmonton on July 25th. You can find out more info about the festival here!

The band will be co-headlining this year's WTFest on July 27th in Brantford, ON! Tickets and other details can be found here!

They will also be headlining the Rock n' Rhum Festival in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon in France on August 3rd. For more information about Rock n' Rhum, check out their site!

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Human Kebab will be performing in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, France for the Rock n' Rhum Festival on August 2nd! You can find out more about the event here!

He and his turntables will also be joining Our Lady Peace's Summersault festival this summer! Tickets, VIP packages, show dates and more can be found here!


Johnson Crook will be playing a ton of shows across the country this summer!

Next up they will be performing at Station on Jasper in Edmonton, AB on July 6th and 7th, before returning to Ontario for Peak to Shore Music Festival in Blue Mountain Village on July 19th.

Check out their website for full dates and details!

scott helman banner.jpg

Simple Plan helped kick off the Vans Warped Tour 25th Anniversary events in Cleveland, OH!
The band continued the celebration in Atlantic City, NJ on July 29th! 


Scott Helman wrapped up his US tour with Marianas Trench which stretched from May 17th - June 5th


The Tea Party have wrapped the Black River Tour which ended on June 30th in Australia. In total, they performed 54 shows across Canada, the United States, and Australia and traveled a combined 35,250 KMs! Congrats to The Tea Party on a successful tour run this year and receiving a Road Gold!


Canada's Music Incubator, in partnership with Coalition Music, have launched their Union Station Summer Series as well as their Play the Parks concert series sponsored by TD! Both will take place in Toronto over the next few months. Learn more about the events happening here!

Spotlight: CMI

Eric (left), Vel (centre) & Rob (right) during CMI's anniversary party!

Eric (left), Vel (centre) & Rob (right) during CMI's anniversary party!

Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI), originally founded by Coalition Music in 2012, is a not-for-profit incubator based in Toronto with a mandate to help artists and artist managers evolve from starter companies into sustainable businesses through hands-on networking, mentoring and collaboration.

CMI programs consist of Artist Entrepreneur, Artist Manager (delivered in Toronto), AE West (delivered in Calgary), CMI Custom Projects and Bootcamps.

Artist Entrepreneur and Artist Management reside at Coalition Music, which allows direct access to an active music business environment, a community of like-minded artists across all genres of music, touring professionals, artist managers, industry experts and decades of experience and expertise.

CMI partners and sponsors include: The Canada Arts Training Fund, Ontario Music Fund, The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, The JUNO Awards, Canadian Country Music Association, Bell Media, City of Toronto, TD Bank Group, Newcap Radio, Stingray Music, Warner Music Canada, Sony Music Canada, and Music Canada.

Throwbacks of the Month

Take a look back at some of the anniversaries our artists are celebrating in July!

Our Lady Peace - Automatic Flowers (1997)

Our Lady Peace - Automatic Flowers (1997)

  • Justin Nozuka's album 'Holly' came out on July 24th, 2007! Stream the full album here!

  • Our Lady Peace released their single, 'Automatic Flowers' 22 years ago on July 14th, 1997. You can listen to it here!

  • USS released the music video for 'Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole' on July 27th, 2010. Watch the video here!

  • Myles Castello released his single 'Cardio' 1 year ago on July 27, 2018. Listen to it here!

Coalition Music on Spotify

July Spotify Playlist Takeover with Eric Lawrence

We asked Eric to curate his Cottage Playlist:

For a horrifying short period of time following the events of Sept 11, 2001 airplanes were grounded globally. The fear of ongoing, globally debilitating, terrorism became a real thing that day. Tied in to all this horror, Rob and I suddenly had grave concerns for our business, you see, there has hardly been a single day since the mid 1990s that Coalition Music didn’t have, at least, one of our artists on a plane headed to or from a gig and now not one plane was flying on our planet. I myself fly like crazy and suddenly, indefinitely, the world's airports were crippled.

I seriously began to think, what if the world were to go to shit and my business fell apart? How can I make sure that my family is safe so that we could remain together no matter what happened? My wife and I talked about whether we should find a second “home”, a place to get away to, a place out of the city, a destination that didn’t require getting on a plane, a safe place for our young family - our son was 7 and daughter 5 at the time. So, for $73,000 CDN, we bought a small piece of land by a pretty lake in Muskoka, Ontario.

Flash forward to now. Global and domestic problems are still prevalent (abundantly so) but generally the world’s people are resilient. International business and travel eventually carried on and our business didn’t fall apart. As the years passed we built a beautiful cottage on that sweet property and our fear-driven hideaway became the place where our family convenes, lets loose and enjoys dancing and drinking together. The kids are in their 20’s now and have amazing partners. As a ridiculous music lover, I made sure that music could be heard everywhere up at the cottage – inside, outside, in the forest and by the beach. The biggest problem we face up there is deciding which of the 6 of us chooses the songs for our long summer days. We grew to love each others taste in music and so we decided to spend this past winter building a communal family summer playlist!
It's diversified, it’s multi-generational, it’s summery and fun…..and it’s a constant work in progress. Here is what we call "Happy Together".

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