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The rising R&B singer from Scarborough - Toronto’s sprawling easterly area, who feels as comfortable in the studio as he does performing on the stage, is garnering attention with his moody yet danceable cadence of club-friendly music.

His song “Bad Company” dropped last autumn. The track, produced by The Uccis, showcases the young R&B singer and producer demonstrating vocal prowess next to modern dance floor sensibilities. His music has a unique quality all his own - something Myles, an artist with a particular vision for his sound - is deeply sensitive to.

The R&B artist signed to Warner Music isn't staying still. Myles followed up "Bad Company" with “Way Off,” an ode woven around a near-universal young lovers quarrel, with listening payoff presented on a refrain built over a knocking drum beat. His latest hard-hitting track, "Fade Away" is the perfect summer anthem.